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tv   Power Lunch  CNBC  August 8, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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just when you thought it was safe to go babb in the warrick. mark faber is on futures now. quick. >> 177,000 calls bought, mike roar soft. >> first solar. >> kmx. >> buy freeport. that's does it for us. "power lunch" starts now. halftime is over. "power lunch" and the second half of the trading day starts now. >> scott, thank you very much. i smell a great show. markets go up, markets go down, when is a good time to buy? bulls, bears, raccoons all running on wall street. is it better to catch a falling knife and buy as stocks fall or try to catch the wave as it presses. or is it better to buy on the up swing? look at this video. the insurance institute for highway safety releasing new video of crash texts on smaller cars. which cars had safe dummies?
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and which cars have severely damaged dummies? a fight for the ages. sylvester stallone versus bruce willis? superheroes, this is no movie. big money at stake, and they seem genuinely unhappy with each other. first, though, to sue at the new york stock exchange, where the bears and bulls are always at each other ace throats. >> instead. so far the bulls are winning. we begin with breaking news. the struggling retailer beginning the search for a new ceo. our corti reagan is here with the latest on this. courtney, over to you. >> here we go again, sue. what's old is new again. cnbc has learn that the company is initiating a search to replace mile all-man at the insisting of board member bill ackman. in a her letter to the board, ackman informed the group that
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former j.c. penney ceo al enquesterman has agreed to return. we know the question was approached in april. he also endorsed mike you willman, his successor, a strong choice, he said, to help stabilize the situation, which many analysts believe you willman has in fact done. however, ackman was a new ceo installed one 30 to 45 days and has expressed frustration the process wasn't started in april like it was supposed to. it wasn't until a board meeting on july 22nd that succession became a part of the agenda according to ackman's letter. called into the "fast money halftime report", and he said he believes it is possible to find a new ceo within that time frame. he also said he wouldn't come in a hostile situation, he wants positive chemistry with the ceo, whomever that might be. what a day here. hard to keep track of who's in, who's out. it's like "all in the fame.
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quest family." >> what are you learning? >> this is a big move. they're looking for a new ceo to replace ullman. he wasn't going to stay forward maybe there is a difference of opinion to how long mike ullman should stay in the job. however, wall street has been clearly voting that something has to change, whether it's the ceo or board members. but wall street has voted almost by the day. the stock's at a 12 1/2-year low, and maybe even more significant. in the short term, in a credibility standpoint, the fact that ally questrum is considering coming back. he is by all accounts, a retail legend. and nobody says anything
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negative. he has the street cred, running a number of the largest bick box retailer, yes, he's been out of the mix for a while. he himself saying only an old guy, and no, you're seasoned. that's key for wall street, that they need to see somebody with that kind of credibility. >> the short list of really great retailers is pretty doggone short. but beyond that, it's very hard to find those guys who have that magic? >> i'm sure there are guys. >> and women. >> and gals, as i always say, who are on that short list already, right? they wouldn't have taken the steps to this point without having some idea. i'm sure in his mind, but it is a short list. >> it is, and you've got to throw this out. someone that takes the job, there's a lot to handle, so
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expectations have to be kind of low. any improvements you can make, that's what we need to do right now. you can't turn around the "titanic" right. >> i know you're watching the back to school sales, this is a critical time. penney's obviously a place that many families shops. folks, thank you very much. sue, down to you. >> gentlemen and ladies, breaking news. the final leg of the auction. rick santelli, the demand i saw was 2-1-1. what kind of great are you giving it? >> that 211 made me think 911, because i'm telling you, this one wasn't a pretty auction. this one gets a "d" for dog. it's the last of 72 billion in supply. the big guy, 30-year bonds. the weakest in two years. what was the yield on the 16 billion? 3.652. where was the one issue market
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trading? about 3.645, so roughly three quarters of a basis point tail in the wrong direction. i've got getting a lot of e-mails. if -- the investors put in $2.11 to chase that. that is a gauge of demand. the end racks at 40 and change, that was about right. the directs were actually a little strong at 17.1. dealers took 42.7%, but between the pricing on the yield and the bit to cover, "d" for dog and maybe i was even being a bit kind. >> yikes. "l" for lassie. thanks very much, rickey. the dow jones industrial average is um 66 points, s&p 500 is up 8.75. russell 2000 is on the up side, as is the nasdaq, and the ten-year note, the yield is 2.59%. bob pisani is here, "l" for
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lassie, but the market is adding on. >> it's been an ugly day. >> it's been a messy day. >> "u" for ugh. we a big gap up, we moved down, a lot of people buying protection, the vix shot up as the market moved into negative territory. sue, we've had decent domestic data and decent data on china, and europe has been better, look what's going on with european banks today the all of a sudden, a lot of the big names up. aunds it looks like some of the winners in the u.s. are being sold to buy some european companies. we've seen inflows into european etfs. i know we're waiting for a bottom in europe, but there's some money being committed here. i think that's the story.
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we see the effect of china, positive expos data on the overall group. materials are on the up side, and take a look at what it's doing with commodities countries, again all because of china. copper aluminum, zinc, nickel, terrible numbers for days and months now, and here's commodity country, sue. australia, brazil, these are all exchange-traded funds. you can buy them. they're all with the wind at their back as a result of the positive -- >> between 1% and 3%. >> good news on china, hopes of europe bottoming, and some better numbers on europe. i think it's shifting a bit of money around. >> ben, come on into the picture. tyler asked the question at the beginning of the hour. are you better off buys stocks, or do you try to catch that falling knife? you're with us. also hugh johnson will join us from albany as you know, hugh is basically the chairman of cio of
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hugh benson advisers. it depends on what kind of investor you are. obviously. a trader would approach the market differently. as a trader, are you better off trying to catch the falling knife? or do you wait until you think you see a bottom and wait until the market turns? >> as a trader my instinct is to sell when the market is rising. i know sooner or later it will pull back. that's been a pain ffl trade. the pullbacks have been very short-lived and shallow. as a long-term investor, i continue to say, if you're an investor, you want to buy things when you go on sale, not when you're going up. you do the same thing the rest of your life. why would you change when you're invest if you followed that thought process four or five years ago and bought the major banks or the home builders, you have a veryfully portfolio right now. >> not cheap, though. that's the problem.
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>> that is the problem. >> so, hugh, weigh in on this. you tend to take the longer view of things, but it is tempting when you see prices get cheaper and cheaper. that doesn't mean they aren't going to continue to decline. well, that's the whole problem, sue. you do want to buy things when they represent really good value. right now we need things to get cheaper, whether we're talking about the whole market or whether we're talking about individual stocks, but that's not enough. you mentioned the right point, and that is when they get cheap, as we found out in 2007, going into the financial crisis, they can get cheap, but they can get cheaper. what you want is both. you want stocks getting the levels to represent good value, and then after they represent good value, you want them to start to post good relative performance or performance relative to the s&p 500, when you get that positive momentum or positive performance of cheap
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stocks, you have the right combination, you should insist on both parts of this equation. >> are you anticipating a pullback, hugh? everybody's been waiting for a pullback. maybe there will be in august. this is traditionally a crumby month. >> exactly. >> we had three days in a row. >> do you think there will be a significant pullback, hugh? >> you know, i don't know whether to say i anticipate a pullback or i'm crossing my fingers and hoping for a pullback. my guess is, based on my crunching of the numbers, we're about 1.5 to 2% overvalued. common sense, plus that number crunching, common sense, of course suggesting we've come very far, very fast, suggests that we should at least guess some kind of decline. i'm hoping for 5% or 6%, for the important purpose of getting things to a level that represent much better value, otherwise i'm not going to buy. hopefully then we start to see better performance.
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>> you can also buy protection. that's one way to play it. >> that's where the etfs are an important role, whether they're a sophisticated trader, etfs are a great model for protecting, because you can buy the bearish side of the equation, the negative etfs, if you will, rather than buying puts that have a whole different pricing structure. that's another reason why the vix doesn't trade the way it used to. and you can hedge the etfs. >> listen to the tone here. it's we're wait fog it to drop a bit, so we can buy it cheaper. if that's not a floor under the market, i don't know what is. >> we'll leave it there. gentlemen. good to see you, hugh, bob, i'll see you in a bit. ty up to you. tesla is soaring. the electric car company knocking its quarterly earnings out of the market. look at tesla shares today
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alone. life is good for tesla's ceo elon musk. >> well, i'm glass that bmw is bringing an electric car to market. that's cool. >> i think there's room to improve, and i hope that they do. my comments about the manufacturers -- >> sorry -- [ laughter ] a little giddy there, you know? tesla up a whop 350% in 2013. that's why barclays downgraded the stock to equal rate while raising the price target. groupon also surging as it
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continues its recovery, having the best day since the ipo, the company reporting a record quarter for its north america business on a better than expected 7% jump in revenue. it named cofounder eric lefkofsky, and announced -- the stock is up about 125, 126%. fannie mae bringing in -- the government-controlled mortgage giant has earned a profit six straight quarters. diana olick is live on the real debate in washington. diane that? >> reporter: well, that's right. that net income is nearly twice the income earned in q2 of last year. as you said the company's sixth consecutive quarterly profit. the mortgage giant, which along with freddie mac, now backed nearly two thirds of all new loans, reported a positive net worth of $13.2 billion as of
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june 30th and will may taxpayers as a different on the senior preferred stock. treasury performed some of that is stock to keep the company afloat, and after the september dividend payment, fannie mae will have paid approximately 105 billion, trim mayopolis said we expect or revenues to be stable and earnings to be strong over the next few years. it was driven by continued stable revenues and boosted by a significant increase in home prices in the quarter that resulted in a reduction in the company's loss reserves. earlier this week president obama traveled to phoenix to make a strong pitch to dismantle fannie mae and freddie mac and bring private capital back to the mortgage market. fannie mae's ceo says that profitability should not slow the appropriate debate. loan offers are still high, but the higher home prices are helping to offset that.
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fannie mae stock, which is really worthless, continues to trade on speculation to what will happen to the future of the gses. back to you. >> she also managed to look good even in humid washington. is hilton about to come back into the new york stock exchange? we'll talk about that. there's brand-new crash test video. straight ahead. stay tuned to "power lunch." we're back in two. ♪
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in the cars that perform poorly, the crash test dumb juries' head struck hard structures like the windshield pillar, the institution for highway safety found that both the two-door and four-door honda civics were the best performers, and the worst, the nissan sent ra, the kia soul and forte were the worst. they're standing by the safety of their cars saying they would further investigate the results. this one is not a test. this is a video of a terrible bus crash in china.
1:20 pm
you see the driver. he just flew right out the window of the car. watch this. look at that. the driver was backing up. another camera angle shows passengers being tossed around. about 22 people were hurt in that terrible bus accident. sue? >> that is awful. i'm surprised no one was killed. all right. let's try to switch to corp news, orbitz posting better than expected quarterly earnings as it booked more hotel and vacation packages. for for the year orbitz is up more than 300%. the blackstone group is reportedly preparing to take hilton hotels public. simon hobbs among other things is also our travel and leisure
1:21 pm
correspondent. it will be interesting. >> very interesting. sue, for a long time critics wondering if blackstone had bitten off more than it could chew. the timing was potentially disastrous. they offered shareholders a massive 40% premium to take the giant private in 2007. just before the financial crisis struck hard, hotel occupancy was crushed, for many owners, and hilton, which also trades under brands like doubletree, hampton and waterford astoria was left staggering. but blackstone poached chris nassetta to become the ceo. not only did it weather the storm, it boosted the number of properties by over 30%, many of them overseas, where hilton had badly lacked market share. importantly blackstone will restructure hilton's dead for a
1:22 pm
third time before for a inly returning it to the stock market early next year. the big is what valuation can he share that at? >> this i think is fascinating. blackstone is choosing to widely brief now that hilton will return to the market just as the share prices of other industry players like marriott and starwood finally fully cut the losses they incurred through the financial crisis, returning to the same place they were on july 3rd, 2007, the date that blackstone made it big for hilton, but remember this, blackstone did so by offering a 40% premium, to where stocks were then trading. sue, back to you. >> it will be interesting to see if they have to restructure that debt. interest rates have moved considerably. to eps. >> to the advantage of the chain, now is the time that what was burdensome is less burdensome, therefore more attractive to shareholders. it will be interesting to see if they make their money back.
1:23 pm
>> simon, thank you very much. crime and punishment, the notorious international pink panther gang accused of stealing hundreds of millions in diamonds and jewelry. how they're doing it, and can the cop every catch up with the robbers? plus a large and fast-moving wildfire sweeping through southern california. we're tracking the blaze, coming up next. [ male announcer ] it's time. time to have new experiences with a familiar keyboard. to update our status without opening an app. to have all our messages in one place. to browse... and share... faster than ever. ♪ it's time to do everything better than before.
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thinks video from banning, just west of palm strings. it spans 6,000 acres. mandatory evacuations are in effect for the entire area. one person living in the neighborhood has been hurt, along with two firefighters. you can believe it is just very, very hot at this time of year in palm springs. >> it is, hot and dried. that's not helping the situation. bill ackman and carl icahn have something else to fight about. china has granted a license to operate in the hunan province.
1:27 pm
they're in the green today by about 1.1%. the notorious pink panthers allegedly striking once again just two weeks ago in fact in france. andrea day has more with that story. >> they have kept investigators on their toes for years. the latest hit allegedly tied to the gang of thieves is the biggest heist in france's history. take a look incredible robberies, untouchable thieves. bags of diamonds gone in seconds. the notorious pink panthers, suspected of pulling off some of the most brazen diamond heists in industry. in dubai, driving cars straight through a jewelry store wind. in london storming a mall on motorcycles, and more than 100 million stolen in just the past month. fbi special agent dan mccaffery
1:28 pm
is a diamond specialist. he tracks panther heists around the world. >> it's the allure of the great diamond, and making your millions in one heist. along the french riviera, a wild heist that left police stunned. a lone strolls into a diamond exhibition, and in just 60 seconds walks out with $138 million? jewels. the robber jumps out of a hotel window to escape, even falls down, but still grabs the loot and disappears. the astonishing move played out at the same hotel featured in alfred hitchcock's "to catch a thief." just day hear. a high-end boutique taken by surprise. the international network of thieves named after the film comedies stars peter sellers, but the glamour rho mant sized in the film is far from reality.
1:29 pm
>> what are they really like? >> most of the time they're hardened criminals that target people and hurt people very badly. >> reporter: they've been linked to hundreds of robberies worldwide, snatching jewels worst some $500 million. their spectacular heists and brazen escapes from prison has law enforcement working overtime to crack the code. >> they take a lot of time, put great detail into the thefts. they make escape plans. i even had a case where an individual had plastic surgery to hide his identity. and they're very successful. >> reporter: snatching, grabbing, unloading the loot how quickly do they get rid of the jewelry? we've had large case in a few days we've recovered jewelry here in the united states. >> reporter: some of the biggest sparklers were sold to wealthy buyers. >> there are plenty of people we watch who i can't name.
1:30 pm
>> reporter: other stolen diamonds winding up on the streets of new york city, where he says they could be sold to unknowing customers. >> new york is the epicenter for diamond trade in the united states. there are more wholesalers and retailers on 47th street between 5th and 6th avenues than anywhere else in the country. >> reporter: how much money are we talking about going through? >> billions of dollars at any moment. >> in new york alone? >> in new york alone. >> reporter: the panthers are keeping mccaffery very busy. february 18th, at least $50 million in diamonds stolen at the brussels airport. the armed men escape without firing a single shot. investigator say they drove through a hole cut in the airport security fence, made straight for a delivery van, loading a plane with diamonds action and then drove off. the entire job done in just three minutes. >> how is it possible that armed men can have access to the tarmac to a specific plane which they knew was going to take off
1:31 pm
a few minutes later, and that has diamonds on board? >> reporter: may 23rd, 1 million in jewels stolen from a hotel in cannes during the film festival the late rest in a series of dramatic escapes by pink panther members in jails across europe. july 29th, france's biggest ever jewel heist, and july 31st, thieves targeting a jewelry store in cannes. >> in the end when they're caught we're always shocked to find out how unglamorous a life they lead. they live in small apartments. many don't own cars, not close with family members, because they're always on the run. >> lloyds of london is offering a huge reward, $12.3 million for any information that helps recover the jewels that were stolen in cannes last month. intoic to you. >> an drew degreeia, thank you very much. it's not diamonds, but it is
1:32 pm
gold. gold prices are closing right now. sharon epperson is tracking the information for. >> us. >> up nearly $25 on the session. and we are looking at the weakness in the dollar, the currency play having something to do with what we're seeing here, but also keep your eye on what's happened across the board. the strength there has a lot to do with the july trade debt we got out of china. platinum has been the strongest performers there in this session. back to you. thank you, sharon. let's go uptown to the nasdaq. seema mody is tracking the smartphone wars. >> absolutely. the wars are definitely heating up, from idc shows that its operating system is losing market share to google's android. android has about 79%, apple
1:33 pm
with 13.2%, microsoft windows with 3.7, and blackberry with 2.9. android has been hipped be more and more vendors offer the platform, but the wars between apple and google mike heat up with a new ray vamped ios, apple is well positioned to recapture market share. sue, back to you. j.c. penney's has tarded to look for a new chief executive officer as bill ackman says he wants one named within 30 to 45 days. mcdonald's reporting better than expected same-store sales as strong sales in the u.s. offset weakness in europe. and jpmorgan downgrading target to neutral in overweight, citing uncertainly. the stock is off about a half percent. dean foods moving lower, and
1:34 pm
heavy volume after reporting a second-quarter loss. as a result it warned that the current quarter would be the most challenging of the year. the stock is off 9.3%. we had a lousy auction let's see how interest rates are faring right now. rick is tracking the action. how are we doing? >> you know, sue, it's always interesting when you finish the last auction. $72 billion behind us, the markets sometimes have a tendency to rally, but as you look at the intraday, or the tens, it's clear, the sloppy auction, the weakest of the three put a spike, a bit of the selling pressure in the fixed-income markets. the big story continues to be weakness in the dollar or surrogate headline could be better optimism in europe. if -- it is slipping under 81. we've been talking about these patterns. right now as it sits on the chart, we go back 7 1/2 weeks,
1:35 pm
it mirrors the same comps. sue, back to you. >> ricky, thank you so much. you're up to date on the interest rate front. well, should jpmorgan's jamie dimon run for. ? one top c oeismt thinks they should. and a bier battle between sill rester stallone and bruce willis. profiling men and women who couldn't take another day in the office, so they struck out on their own. friday, meet a man who went from wall street to an ice cream dreamland. >> i spent six years on wall street and i really wasn't happy. >> that's tomorrow on "power lunch," 1:00 p.m. eastern. i'm beth... and i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage
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welcome back to "power lunch." have a look at intreksen. it develops technologies to improve drugs and food.
1:39 pm
could end in the top ten debuts so far in 2013. time for the power rundown. guess where mel karmizen thence jamie dimon would make a trifb commander in chief. >> there are three words that are going to be deadly for voters. that is wall street banker. i just think that would be tough for anyone to overcome to the voting population these days. >> what mel didn't say is he only endorsed jamie if mel was vice president. with a show on sirius/xm. thoughs think mel is not running that anymore, as i recall. >> i would see more of our accomplished business leaders
1:40 pm
really get involved in politics. i understand why they don't. i understand that politics -- business guys like to get things done and that's very hard to do in politics. but it would help the country i think if more got involved. >> i think you're so right, tie le. i think one of the romney's problems is not so much his business history, but that he wasn't a great candidate. maybe wee seal it in the coming years. >> i look at a guy like jeffrey immelt, if anyone has the makings of a politics, it might be him. "new york times" says no, no way, not for sale. this in a week when "the boston globe "was sold to john henry. "the washington post" another new owner there, but just how long can "new york times" go it alone, bob? >> well, look, i think several more years. a lot of people, when the earnings came out focused on the
1:41 pm
fact that ad revenues had declined. everyone says oh, it could go on, but they have 740,000 paid digit at subscribe. scribers. i think they have a lot of cash still. i think they can hold out for several more years. they do seem, robert frank, to be doing digital better than any competitors. >> tyler, i've seen this move many times before. for 15 of my 18 years, the bancroft family said it never was for sale, until it is. the dividend at "new york times" is still not back. you have family members that eventually could press we need income at some point. right now they're able to hold it down. that doesn't last forever. i have been saying for a while watch what mayor bloomberg does when he gets out of office. >> very good point. sly stallone, bruce willis
1:42 pm
known as tough guys, now their movie persona has spilled out into real life after stallone slammed willis on twitter for reportedly asking for $4 million for four days of work on "expectables 3." harrison ford in, great news, and then greedy and lazy, a sure formula for a career failure. you don't hear this kind of talk in hollywood, bob? >> it's interesting, i think bruce willis is probably 58 years old, and harrison ford is 71. they're in a movie called "the expensesables." they better shoot the movie fast. i think they guys are friends, though, they go back a long way, don't they? weren't they partners in planet hollywood? who's that famous guy, james bleak, fame our entertainment lawyer? >> you can't blame will us for trying to get what he's -- nobody is making that movie for
1:43 pm
artistic integrity purposes. but i love the fact that harrison ford is 71, still an action hero. there's hope for us all if at 71 you can still -- they don't die, they just get more expensive. >> thank you very much, bob, robert, appreciate it. sue, down to you. >> and harrison ford is also very much a gentleman. priceline getting ready to report earnings, the stock up almost 50% this year, up another tenth of a percent today. what you need to know ahead of the numbers. plus -- there's gold and opportunity in the golden state. don't leave your heart in san francisco. what your money buys you in the city by the bay. ♪ [ cows moo ] [ sizzling ] more rain... [ thunder rumbles ] ♪
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let's see what's coming up on "street signs". >> top of the hour. herb has called this the week of the battleground stars, the big, hot and sometimes controversial names. of course, tesla is one of the names we are looking at today. it just keeps on getting hotter and hotter. the question is, are we seeing some stocks that are just too hot right now? also musical chairs, who will be the last one to sit down? we'll have a roundtable on that. and also jumping in now to get a loan before rates go up further? you might be one of those people. we'll talk to the ceo of quicken loans to get the lowdown on the state of the mortgage market. all those things, and of course many, many more at 2:00 p.m. eastern on "street signs." back to you on "power lunch." we will be watchic.
1:47 pm
san francisco, city by the bay, jeff salgado is a top producer some the mag good wire. a far cry from where we were last week in atlanta. up 21%, though, year over year, listings about 32 days on average, that number is down 38%. that means the market is moves. this is an entry, about $10 in taxes, three berms, small place, 1,000 square feet. why do we like? >> good morning, tyler. thanks for having me on.
1:48 pm
first of all, great location, close to cafes, restaurants, golden gate park. kitchen's updated. bathroom's updated. very nice location. >> very nice location. looks like brand-new kitchen, as you point out. look at that. nicely decorated. let's move on to our second listing, 106 30th street, just under a million, sold for about 1.25 million. there are the taxes estimated, i guess this one just recently sold. tell us about this one. >> this is 106 30th street, this is a victorianian in the valley. noey valley is one of the most desire ab desirable areas. a close shot to silicon valley. >> beautiful townhouse. look at that master suite, very nice, with a fireplace, nicely painted, looks all freshened up. our powerhouse of the week.
1:49 pm
on 25th street, unit number one, list price, 1.295 million. it sold for about 1.46. tell me about that. the original listing was 1.2, so went at more than the list? >> yeah, tyler, it went considerably over the asking. this is a three bed 2 1/2 bat flat also. large garage. it went considerably over, but this is something that we see quite often in the fill is it the property is correctly priced and properly prepared, it will sell most likely with multiple offer and definitely in 124 days. >> what is the one things you sell prospective sellers they should do to make their property show very well? >> correctly price it. >> and when we add to that, prepared the property correctly. there's also aspects, usually
1:50 pm
it's deincludeder, sometimes it's paint, floors, maybe it's more than that. it just depends on the property. >> is there something that people do that they shouldn't do? do they over-improve the property? or choose a kind of outlandish color, say? >> sometimes that can happen. sellers do best when they contact us early on, so they don't make those costly mistakes. usually we can help them. >> jeff, very nice to be with you today. thank you for you are use help. >> thank you for having me. ty, we can't afford to live there, as much as we would love to. priceline getting ready to report in just a few hours from now. the stock is on a tear this year, up almost 50%. we'll go ahead you ahead of the results.
1:51 pm
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1:53 pm
take a look at shares of costco. they are down 1.5%, even though same-store sales rose weaker than expected a. demand for electronics was soft.
1:54 pm
international sales rose 8%, but that good news was offset by the stronger dollar. the stock is up 17% for the year as a whole. shares of aeropostale say net sales decreased 6% as comparable sales fell 15%. is the company lowered the q2 expectation. american eagle lowered its second-quarter guidance as well. shares of elizabeth arden have been taking a hit. the beauty products company posted weaker than expected as walmart ordered less of the products than planned. the ceo kicking off the conference call apologizing for the poor performance. the stock is down 18%. priceline out with the earnings after the bell. today josh liptondowns us with what analysts are looking for.
1:55 pm
>> hey, sue, priceline really to report. the company, remembers offers booking services, cruises and other vacation packages, offering sites such as priceline and it's the transaction fees that make up the bulk of its revenue and profits. that stock has enjoyed a terrific run, up some 30% in the past three months, up about 50% so far this year. today, after the bell, analysts will be looking for eps of 936 on revenue of 1.7 billion which could represent year over year growth of 19% and 25% respect e respectively. they expect priceline to report strong results. they believe it took share both domestically, the key trends they're focused on, international bookings growth, q3 guidance, remember trip advisers and expedia both
1:56 pm
commented on a relatively slower july, and the integration of kayak. analysts at evercore, they also like to look at priceline, saying it ranks first in global supply and in traffic demand, also argue that in spite of the recent run, they think it posts conpell valuation, the price target is 9.75. josh, thank you very much. the dow and the s&p 500 rebounding after three straight days of losses. the biggest winners this hour, coming up next with the dow up 47 points. [ male announcer ] i've seen incredible things. otherworldly things. but there are some things i've never seen before. this ge jet engine can understand 5,000 data samples per second. which is good for business. because planes use less fuel, spend less time on the ground and more time in the air. suddenly, faraway places don't seem so...far away. ♪
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1:59 pm
avo: what kind of financial consultant are you looking for? talk to us today. . a 46-point move to the up side. and the nasdaq composite on a percentage basis is the biggest winner, up 19 points on the day. that's better than half a percent. n newmont mining up, and understand that sunedison. >> i would have not known how to pronounce it.
2:00 pm
>> i didn't pronounce it correctly. interesting day, interesting comments from bill gross about the bond market. he will apparently be on later this afternoon on "closing bell." thanks, everybody for watching. that does it for a thursday edition. have a great afternoon. "street signs" begins right now. we'll see you tomorrow. >> let's call this the great stock debate. that is not the story, my friends. the story is very hot stocks stay even hotter. we'll have if names like tesla are set to cool off. can housing stay hot? the ceo of quicken loans is here on that. plus yet another man has been changed maybe at j.c. penney, as the fight over the retailer takes another odd turn, possibly. and morningstar hall of fame


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